Our Story

Lecka was founded by Markus, a passionate trail runner, and a bunch of other outdoor athletes in Vietnam. They had the vision to come up with healthy snacks while being eco-friendly to nature. this picture shows Markus with Tan Hi, another top runner

Our Founding

Born out of the nature-loving trail running community of Vietnam in 2020, our founder Markus and a few other athletes felt there was a need for natural and delicious tasting nutrition.

Our team spent a year sourcing the best Vietnamese ingredients to come up with unique, yet familiar Asian flavours.

Additionally, single-use plastic packaging was a big no-no for us so we tested the most innovative eco-friendly materials that would match our vision:

To do good for people & the planet!

Scaling Up

After we built our own factory outside in Hanoi, got the machines and found great team members, we started in 2022 to scale in Vietnam. The Energy Bars entered the market.

Then we entered Singapore, Hong Kong and Cambodia shortly after.

At the end of 2022, we entered the Philippines and launched our Protein Bar line.

Moving Towards Our Mission

We thrive to bring more sport nutrition to the sport market.

We innovate constantly to work with more farmers in Vietnam, design more nutritious products and find better partners to work with.

We are progressing on our journey to come closer to achieving our mission of becoming the leading nutrition brand in Southeast Asia.

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